A jigsaw puzzle is a game that players are intimately acquainted with. But in the attractive new version Birds Link at yiv games unblocked will make players have a lot of other new things.

We shall encounter and play under very novel and novel rules. Never been in any puzzle game. This is the distinctive and appealing aspect of this game. If the jigsaw puzzles are easy, they just locate identical or similar pieces and vanish.

In this game, you can move images vertically, and horizontally without entangling other shapes. However, it will only halt when an obstruction is encountered. Therefore, it is your responsibility to situate them in advantageous proximity. And there is time for follow-up. Therefore, you must concentrate and play extremely quickly.

Conquer lots of levels in the Birds Link online game at Slide the blocks towards another identical block to eliminate both. Use as few actions as possible to do this. When you remove a block, you get 100 points, but if you slide it more than once, you lose 10 points every slide. To finish a level, remove all blocks.

There are 36 challenging levels in this game. When witnessing and playing this game, your intellect and agility will be put to the test. You will have a great time while also learning the new rules of this edition. Share with your friends one of these new games today. List of similar games that you also have the opportunity to participate in as 2048 Ball Buster.


Use a mouse or touch to play this game.

Who developer game?

Birds Link was developed by Lof Games. Play it for free at

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