The girls of Besties Summer Vacation at yiv10 games are putting the finishing touches on their adorable summer getaway in this online game. They loaded up their beat-up vehicle and planned a vacation to the shore. But they might use some advice from a fashion expert to help them pick out a new, adorable look for the trip. Also, they could need some assistance customizing and sprucing up their beat-out vehicle. Get out and play; it'll boost your mood no end. To what extent are you ready to assist them in accomplishing these tasks and ensuring a safe and fruitful cruise at sea? Everyone is invited to this thrilling matchup. It will be challenging to apply cosmetics to all three of the females and choose appropriate clothing and accessories. Donate a unique look to each of the ladies. The one and only, most desirable fashion trending nowadays. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Get going right now and accomplish a lot of new things. You'll find a slick variant ready and waiting.

Visit right now to play the Besties Summer Vacation game online. So, you want to be a famous makeup artist? Playing will cause you to experience a wide range of sensations. To what extent are you interested in doing it at this minute? Gather your pals and don't pass up the chance to see the world. You'll be able to do anything you want to the various cosmetics and clothing options. You will be immersed in a world of high fashion. You will have total control over the situation. You'll tell the ladies to put on whatever it is you desire. After that, it's time to pack up the vehicle and get ready to go. If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Lady Strange And Ruby Witch. Accept all challenges!


Use the touch of your phone or mouse to play.

Who developer game?

Besties Summer Vacation was developed by Cutedressup. Play it for free at


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