In Bazooka Boy Online at Yiv 10 Online, blast your way through a series of stages to beat every single adversary. Can you do it? In this entertaining shooting game, you must utilize your bazooka to eliminate adversaries in each stage. You are the only one fighting many opponents at the same time. Don't be concerned. They will not assault you. You will, however, lose if you miss numerous shots. Each level grants you three bullets, which you must use to eliminate all foes. You lose if you run out of ammo and your adversary is still alive. It is not easy to use a bazooka. It takes some time to adjust.

It’s quite different from using a slingshot that you may have used in several shooting games at It is critical to correctly adjust the angle of the photograph. It's not so much about how much force you put into each shot as it is about the angle from which you shoot. You will not always be able to immediately kill foes. You shoot at an item, causing it to collide with the enemy and kill them. As you level up, your foes' defenses get more sophisticated. They hide within their structures, and you must demolish them before you can kill them. Let's take it one step at a time and enjoy your leisure time here. Make sure you check out other interesting on our site such as Toys Shooter You vs zombies.


Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.

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