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Put your basketball abilities to the test in this Yiv sports game titled Basket Battle, where the ability to properly hit the basket and execute the most effective throws will be the determining factors for victory! Controlling the pitcher will be your primary responsibility in this basketball game. The objective of each level is to get three balls into the basket before your opponent does.

The opposing player will attempt to obstruct your progress on the field and your throw; thus, traverse the field with caution when carrying the ball. When competing against a professional opponent, the road to the other team's basket will be difficult. If you lose possession of the ball to the other player, they will have an opportunity to counterattack.

Get in the path of your opponent, who is claiming possession of the ball, and move quickly to retrieve it. Be careful to continually change lanes and move to throw the ball into the hoop in order to finish three throws as quickly as possible. Multiple methods and styles of playing can be shown here in this game from the gaming website of free online yiv games, so demonstrate a few of your personal skills to throw the ball in more sports games like Basketball Challenge!

Learn the rules and fundamentals of this virtual basketball game from the in-game tutorial and use your own unique methods to win in the shortest amount of time possible! The leaderboard will be populated with the players with the greatest scores as well as those who can perform the most impressive dunking combinations. It is now possible to watch professional basketball practice sessions online from the comfort of your own home!


Click the left mouse and move it to interact with the balls.

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