Introducing Backyard Hoops, the ultimate basketball game available for free on Yiv 10 Online. Prepare yourself for an exciting experience as you join the beloved characters Tom and Jerry in their backyard for a friendly game of basketball. Witness a rare moment of harmony as they put aside their usual antics and engage in some peaceful fun. While Tom takes to the court, Jerry assumes the role of an enthusiastic spectator, cheering Tom on.

Your primary objective in this game is to assist Tom in scoring as many points as possible. Stationed in place, Tom aims to throw the ball into the hoop with precision. Keep in mind that Tom only has three attempts, and if he misses all three, the game will restart. However, there's a special ball with vibrant red, blue, and white colors that can replenish any lost balls when successfully thrown. This unexpected twist in the game fosters a newfound friendship between Tom and Jerry.

Unfortunately, the tranquil atmosphere doesn't last long, as mischievous Jerry occasionally disrupts Tom's flow. Sometimes you'll catch Jerry lounging on the hoop, and occasionally he'll swoop down to impede Tom's shots. When Jerry occupies the hoop, Tom faces additional challenges in scoring. But fear not, as accomplishing consecutive successful shots without touching the rim will activate the fireball, granting you extra points. As time passes, the hoop will gradually shift from side to side, adding an extra layer of difficulty to your shots. Missing the target becomes easier, adding to the excitement as you progress further in the game.

Like any other game, the more time you invest in playing, the better you become. Prove your mastery in shooting hoops and demonstrate your impeccable accuracy by never missing a shot. Make the most of your leisure time by joining Jerry and Tom in this entertaining basketball adventure. After that, you can explore more Yiv sports games on our site with some options such as Basketball Stars and Basket Shot Master.


Use MOUSE to play the game.

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