It's time to master your arrows, choose the most advantageous portals, and annihilate everyone in your route! Don't miss your chance to join the online game Arrow Fest at yiv online games. Feel new strides in playing this game. What is your purpose? Accumulate more coins and improve your arrows and profits! Try to collect as many arrows as possible in order to demolish all foes and giants! Become an expert archer!

You will control a directional arrow on a journey. Some symbols increase the amount of arrows, so hurry to grab more arrows and get the motivation to murder a large number of people. Easy-to-remember controls and a straightforward, intuitive gameplay. Simply swipe to move the arrows. Utilize the optimal entrances to improve your arrow count. Kill your foes and giants to make a fortune.

You will experience the speed when playing Arrow Fest online game at You will fall in love with it the very first time you play it. Free and simple to play There are several interesting levels to play. Many foes to eliminate! There are several coins to gather and use to improve your arrows and profits! You will continue to navigate the arrows to the destination with precision and get the greatest score possible.

Simple for you to join this game. Together, we shall demonstrate the full might of this game. Start immediately, and you will get a great deal of help. Participating in this unique game is enjoyable. Simple gameplay that requires you to accomplish spectacular fast-running abilities. We have suggested to players around the world how to play games and other games similar to this game like You will love that special world.


Touch the screen to play or press the left mouse button.

Who developer game?

Arrow Fest was developed by 2Play. Play it for free at

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