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Aren't the majority of IO games nice and entertaining to play? People like playing IO games where they may compete against gamers from all around the globe. Today at yiv10 online games, you have a new option to try. Its name is

Have you ever seen multiple impostors engaged in a territorial conflict? This conflict over land does not include weapons or bloodshed. You command an imposter, and your ultimate objective is to rule the leaderboard by capturing the most territory possible. You leave a trail while running, and you draw a line back to your current area to claim it as yours. By doing so, you establish a connection, fill the empty space with your hue, and claim that region as yours. This combat is not that straightforward, since you may murder your opponents and also be slain by other players. To eliminate an adversary, you must traverse the path they leave behind.

Like many IO games at, your life will be taken by yourself if you cross your own trail. Therefore, you must use caution. Be cautious of yourself and other competitors. The most effective method is to capture a tiny region at a time. If you choose a vast region, your trail will be your vulnerability, making you vulnerable to assault. Keeping your path safe is also a crucial objective. When you die, your area will be liberated, and you will have to start over with nothing. Additionally, you may customize your character's appearance by selecting from a variety of skins. Explore now!

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Touch or WASD/arrow keys to play.

Who developer game? was developed by DRA. Play it for free at

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