Conquer the numbers required by the game with 2048: Puzzle Classic at yiv10 online. You will get the required results. In addition, you will practice squared arithmetic. Numbers should be approached in a lighthearted and stress-free manner. Experience several novel and surprising sensations. Play with others and avoid stress. 2048 is a calm and enjoyable game for all ages.

The objective of the game is to reach tile 2048. When you reach the 2048th tile, the game is over. This is the original version of the very popular 2048 game. You can select different animation speeds using the options.In addition, you may mute or enable sound effects and reset your statistics.

Invite your friends to join the online game 2048: Puzzle Classic at yiv puzzle games to test your agility as well as your intelligence. The gameplay is quite basic. To move cells, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You may also use your finger or mouse to move the tiles in the desired direction. When two tiles with the same value collide, they merge to form a new size with a value twice as large as the original. When you reach 2048, the game is over!

The task is pretty simple, but to finish 2048, you must work quickly and carefully to match numbers that are the same. And starting with number two, all of that will be multiplied. Similarly, search for the greatest number. How long will you need to complete it? owing to your agility alone. Test your eyesight when playing some other games similar to Impossible Box Rush at


Touch the screen to play.

Who developer game?

2048: Puzzle Classic was developed by Holger Sindbaek. Play it for free at

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